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Our desires take us to the edge of what we know and our longing urges us beyond.

Therapy supports you in healing past wounds and challenging yourself through a trusting relationship in a confidential space. Explore yourself creatively and create the life you deeply desire. My commitment to healing and growth for my clients is the foundation of my work. In serving as your advocate and ally in your journey, I consider you the expert on your life. My clients describe me as inspired, non-judgmental and serious about their dreams. I also bring a playful perspective to my work in the spirit of dynamic collaboration.

Throughout my personal healing process and work with clients, I know the body and the arts as places of deep potential for reflection, integration and transformation. Our bodies and spirits have the natural ability to heal with support and guidance. I use an embodied approach that focuses on aligning your energy, body and actions with your vision. Weekly sessions last about 50 minutes and can include deep listening, somatic awareness and reflection. I also offer somatic standing practices based on Aikido, a peaceful Japanese martial art, somatic bodywork, and art-making to keep our work interactive, insightful and even fun as you move towards your goals. Who says therapy can’t be fun?

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How do you begin to make the changes you want in your life? The answer is practicing something new. Therapy can be a place for you to try on new ways of being so you can overcome blocks to making the changes you desire. Additionally, I offer practices to actually build the skills you’ll need to thrive once you get there.

Interpersonal and collective experiences shape our beliefs and responses in unconscious ways. Such shaping may lead to behaviors which are out of alignment with our visions for our relationships and social justice. Rather than denying the influences of our culture and systems of power and oppression as traditional psychology often has, I acknowledge how we as individuals and families are impacted by our social context. Instead of labeling or trying to fix you, we will build your awareness of your patterns and responses to support you in having more positive options.

I have worked with clients to successfully resolve challenges with:

I will support you to:

Tiger’s Eye is a stone of clarity, integrity and insight, as well as protection, courage and grounding. Power, aliveness, change, grace, and harmony are also associated with this stone.  It is known to be particularly useful for healing psychosomatic illnesses, dispelling fear and reducing anxiety.  Useful for recognizing one’s own needs in relation to the needs of others,  Tiger Eye has been used to stabilize mood swings and release tension, while also offering willpower, purpose, and self-confidence.

In therapy, we will connect with your own inner-wisdom and build resilience to move through whatever you are facing in this moment. You are stronger than what you’ve been through; more pleasure and healing are possible.

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I work with couples and triads to:

Through our therapy, the couples I work with ultimately walk away with:

Most partners wait until it’s too late to address how underlying issues and past trauma can play a role in undermining their relationship’s potential. Allowing me to support you all through transitions such as commitment, moving, parenting, mindful separation, and navigating open relationships can take the pressure of your relationship. Together we can use inevitable changes and stresses to create opportunities to increase trust and resilience in your relationship.

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Why Therapy?

Many people seek therapy become frustrated with negative patterns in their lives. Some go when they are experiencing a transition, a challenge or want a new direction. Therapy is a place to explore who you are and learn how to create the changes you want in yourself and your life. Perhaps you understand what isn’t working in your life or even why you are doing what you are doing. So why do these negative patterns seem to persist no matter how much we may desire change?

Our lives are shaped by diverse and personal circumstances like family relationships, trauma, and social injustice. Because every person comes with a distinctly personal background, my approach to your experiences comes from a place of respect, exploration and open-mindedness. Together we can explore the emotions and patterns that accompany these struggles, as well as develop new and constructive ways to navigate them. My clients find that processing past wounds frees up new energy to put towards their life goals.

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