Expressive Arts

casino cruises in destin fl beachfrontExpressive arts therapy is for everyone from professional artists to those who haven’t picked up a crayon since childhood. Or for anyone who wishes to utilize additional forms of expression and exploration than just talk therapy. The process of art-making itself is inspiring because we connect to our inner voice and our intrinsic power to create. Some of the forms expressive arts therapy can take include: collage, poetry, music, drawing, painting, role play, gesturing, creative movement, drama, puppetry and sandtray.

The power of the arts can be harnessed to re-awaken creativity and connect to energy and passion as well as fantasies, fears, visions and dreams. Expressive arts have the ability to access subconscious material and find inner truth more deeply and quickly than talk therapy. We can use the arts to tell stories, integrate past experiences and creatively solve problems that our thinking minds alone may not be able to imagine. Art and play can also help us relax, have fun, and even heal trauma.

A session can include creating your own original art, bringing in your artwork to share or simply choosing art postcard images to represent feelings or experiences that words cannot fully describe. In expressive arts therapy, the purpose of art is not to create something presentable or to judge one’s technical skill. Rather, we can use the power of the art process itself to gain a deeper connection to our soul.

Schedule a complementary 20 minute phone or videoconferencing consultation.

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