Generative Somatics is a path of embodied transformation that integrates the mind, body and spirit into healing work. Somatic work supports you in connecting with yourself and what is important to you. If you want to move beyond just understanding and actually see and feel results from your therapy work in your life, Somatics is for you!

Our somatic work will support you to:

colville casino online slots casinoThis work offers practices to align your thoughts, body and actions with your ideals. My approach will support you in building trust and intimacy in your relationships while giving you the ability to set boundaries. As we practice new ways of responding to stress, triggers and life changes, we can take action for positive change in our families, communities and social movements.

Beyond just adding somatic awareness to talk therapy, Generative Somatics uses physical and energetic practices to literally re-wire our neurological pathways through practice so we gain new choices in responding to life events. In session, we will stand up and engage with your body responses to feel, explore, learn and try on new ways of responding to challenges in life. I support you in gaining increased awareness of your present time somatic sensations. We will attune to your breath, temperature, pain, pleasure and aliveness as a way to connect to your longings, needs and wisdom.

Generative Somatics is based on the work of Staci Haines and her extensive study and practice in personal and social change, trauma and recovery, and Neuro-linguistic Programming. The lineage comes from decades of body-based healing integrating Polarity Therapy, Gestalt, Vipassana meditation, and Aikido practices.

For more information about Generative Somatics, visit the Generative Somatics website.

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