About Me

Philipe L. Harrington, MFT works with queer, trans & poly folks and relationships who are longing to embody the transformation we need to create social justice.

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Through somatic and expressive arts therapies, Philipe’s clients heal once useful, yet ultimately limiting, patterns of protection from trauma and social inequality.

Philipe supports people to access more choices, creativity, and skills for personal wellness and collective liberation.

It is part of our task, as revolutionary people, who want deep-rooted, radical social change, to be as whole as it is possible for us to be.  

– Aurora Levins Morales

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I know what tremendous courage and faith it takes to change– especially when you have lived through heartbreak, loss, trauma or early wounding in life. I use body-oriented and expressive arts therapy because they work deeply and effectively. Experiences live in our muscles and in our psyches–and often can be more authentically expressed using the arts and resolved through our bodies. Throughout my personal healing process and years of work with queer, trans and heterosexual clients from a variety of backgrounds, I know somatics and arts are places of potential for integration and transformation towards the fullest expression of your being.

My background working with queer, trans, genderqueer and non-binary people as well as artists, social justice organizers and polyamorous clients uniquely positions me to understand the complex intersections of resilience and struggle in our communities. I bring a collaborative, non-judgmental and creative perspective to my work. I consider you the expert on your life as I serve as your advocate and ally in your healing journey.

Please contact me for a complementary 20 minute phone or videoconferencing consultation.


My Path to This Work

Somatic work has made my own deep personal transformation possible: from fear and numbness to self-trust and aliveness. The pleasure, awareness and depth that I experience living in my body now once seemed impossible. Healing from my own family trauma through the arts and body-based therapies has inspired me to bring this work to my communities. In coming home to my body and finding peace with my past, new possibilities opened. With humbling community support, I created my dream job: working with artists, activists, queer, and gender variant folks to heal, personally and collectively. I am deeply humbled and filled with inspiration every day in witnessing the healing paths of my clients– the dedication to their visions and unwillingness to settle –in moving towards a life worth living, both in our homes and in our larger communities.

Growing up in the southern United States, I struggled to find acceptance and belonging for simply being who I am. I spent hours exploring the muddy trails along a winding river near my home to find peace, and I turned to art to find unconditional expression for my deep pain and confusion. In high school I started early on my path of bringing education and healing to my community as a sexual health and HIV prevention peer educator. I witnessed the positive impact of sexual health education during a time and in a region where this was considered dangerous and offensive.

In my young adulthood I finally found a therapist that understood the impact of my family’s struggles on my childhood. Through our work together my life slowly started to change. In therapy I gained great intellectual compassion for my struggles, yet I still found myself acting in old patterns that led to familiar unsettling situations. My spirit still longed to feel at home in my body.

The depth of healing I had hoped for vastly expanded when I found the embodied path of healing that Generative Somatics offers. I learned how the past was still living in my body and impacting my actions out of fear and distrust without my awareness. As I slowly came back into my body and found awareness as a resource, my choices and awareness expanded. My actions became more aligned with my values and thus my relationships, work life and activism came into greater harmony.

Delighted to find a psychology program using the power of the arts, I completed a masters program in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Expressive Arts Therapy at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in San Francisco. During my time at CIIS, I was proud to co-found the Trans Clients Speak project as an educational resource for students and healthcare providers.  I was honored to complete an internship training program at Queer LifeSpace, a sliding scale therapy center for queer and gender variant people in San Francisco.

Being an active part of social and environmental justice movements since I was a young, I continue to hold a larger commitment to the collective liberation of all people in my work. Today, offering arts and somatic therapies for progressive clients is my passion. I am proud to donate a portion of my proceeds back into community-based social justice organizations such as CUAV, whose mission is to prevent and respond to violence against and within diverse LGBTQQ communities. I also enjoy creating art, riding my bicycle, and being in nature.

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